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Hey there internet forum peoples. I picked up an 04 is300 in march and am looking to get a bit more into the online community, as well as hopefully get some advice/questions answered with a minor problem im having.

Heres my girlfriend:


And now for the question:

I want to keep the current rimset on the car, but when i bought it it had barely any rubbing issues from sitting in a garage undriven for 6 months. I test drove it with three people in the vehicle, and everything was fine. Just some minor minor rubbing issues when taking corners. But once I started using it as a daily, the suspension seemed to settle and now its impossible for me to put more than myself and one passenger in it, and i have to take corners like im a limo driver on cuts.

My question is based off of a 1300.00 spending budget, but im not sure whether i want to go with a coilover setup or a custom strut and spring. Ive been told that most springs for struts are lower than the stocks, so Im not sure if that is possible. On the other hand, with coilovers I want something that is still remotely comfortable for daily use, but a bit stiffer than stocks, as all of us like to drive competitive every once in a while ;) Picures are below of the issue.

Any intelligent based help is greatly appreciated. 6k front 8k rear for coils? strut spring combination?



jason form sacramento

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