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Electrical No Start Problem.

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2003 ES 300. Screwdriver accidentally hit alternator terminal and i blew out the 120 amp Alt fuse. I replaced the 120 amp fuse. Almost all electrical came back, I now have dash lights again, head and rear lights, climate fan blows air. These all came back with the new 120 amp. However the car won't start, (no crank). And best I can tell is the radio, horn, doorlocks and dome lights are still out also, The remote won't work the doorlocks either. The rest of the fuses look good. Anybody have any ideas? Relays or something else?

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That doesn't sound good, but before taking the car to a service tech, check and test all of the fuses for the systems that aren't working. Obviously something else blew as well as the alternator fuse. Check your fuseable links as well as one of them may be fried. Good Luck!

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Thanks, I actually found the problem. Somebody suggested it sounded like a loose wire in the fusebox. So I had to open up the fusebox again. It was a lot easier to open the 2nd time because I knew how to do it now. It was a pain the !Removed! doing it the 1st time. Theres 2 wires that attach to the 120Amp inside the fusebox, one on each side. Only 1 was attached, The other one was off and fell down into the box. I thought it was on but must have slipped off the screw when I tightened it. I was thinking the worse myself, but I only had to attached the wire and all good.

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