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2001 Es300 Code P1135?

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my car has code p1135, do i need change bank1 or bank2 sensor ??? what is the part number??? thanks

Bank 1, next to the firewall, the one that is a pain to get to. I'd warm up the engine and wear a glove so you don't burn your hand. I tried removing mine on a cold engine and ended up having to re-tap the hole after it stripped out from being galled.

Good luck.

NAPA has the Denso after market part for $166. You can use the one from the front side in the back but not vice/versa. The front (Bank 2) sensor has a longer wire/plug.

You'll need a 22mm wrench or special o2 socket. Not much room back there and hard to get to from underneath unless you have mini-me hands.

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Unfortunately, you may be in my position and will have to work it out by hand with the wrench and you'll be stripping the threads when you do. Only other thing I can think of is to get a torch and be real careful with it and heat it up (the insert in the manifold) until it gets red hot and working it out that way but I'd get the special socket and try to use it. There were too many hoses and lines back there for me to want to try that. Another option is to pull the manifold off the engine and drop the exhaust system so you can get to it. That way, if heating doesn't work and you strip it out, you can try to re-tap it or remove the old insert and re-weld a new one. I was luckily able to use the old sensor from Bank 2 that I had to replace as well to run new threads and cleaned the threads up with the an oiled 18mm x 1.5 tap. Has been working for over 500 miles so far. Not much room back there to work a standard tap with the tool on the end. I had to use a small, adjustable wrench turn the tap.

Good luck.

PS - I spent over 3 hrs on top of the engine working my sensor out on a Friday night. I couldn't get enough force on the 22mm wrench from the side and had to be on top of the engine to use my weight to slowly, and I mean slowly work it out.

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