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2000 Lexus Ls400 Navigation Swap Out


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I have a 2000 Lexus LS400 with the Navigation. Lately, it has been giving me problems and also, you cannot upgrade this beyond 2004. I have searched the forums and have not come across anyone else replacing the Navigation unit with a non-navigation unit. Is this possible? If this unit goes out, it appears that you will lose climate, radio, and all and I would rather get rid of the nav unit and replace with whatever would have come in a non-nav LS400. If I could find the parts, is this possible? If this has been posted elsewhere, I apologize but I could not find it. Please post the link. If not, any help would be greatly appreciated. I have seen the display unit listing for over $4,000 and the control unit for over $4,000 as well. I'm not looking forward to spending that if the nav unit finally quits. Lately, it has been flashing on and off, stays off for a little while, but it does however come back on after a couple of minutes. Just not looking forward to when it doesn't come back on. Also, don't know if this is related, but just the other day I went to turn on the car and nothing. It didn;t try to turn over or nothing. The battery is listing at 12.8 volts so the battery was fine. After a couple of minutes, it started right up. I know it is a coincidence, but I related that in my mind to the nav unit as well.

Well, long story short, can you replace a nav unit with whatever came in a non-nav unit?



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