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2000 Lexus Es300 - "play In Parking Position"

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I own a 2000 Lexus ES300, 126k miles. I noticed that whenever I e.g. park on a slight incline, put the car in park, then step off the break, the car moves a good 2-5 inches backward, even bounces a little.

This being my first automatic transmission vehicle - is that normal? Is that much play ok or is this a sign of a failing transmission or another problem? I also noticed this when stopping at an up-hill incline. The car moves slightly backwards like a manual shift car.

What is the cause of this? Can it be corrected? Should I be concerned?

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When on a up-hill incline, this is what I do, First placed the shifter on Netural with one foot on the brake paddle, Second press the parking brake until engaged.

Third removed both feet from the brakes. At this time car should be still and no backing moment whatsoever. Then lastly move the shifter to Park position. Turn off the ignition. There should be no moment of the car when positioning shifter to Park. When ready to drive, turn the ignition and start the car, Press the brake paddle and disengage the Parking brake. Then move the shifter to drive. When shifting from Park to Drive you should not feel any movement or jump or hang up to the transmission. Forcing the shifter movement from any direction, specially partial braking applied is asking for problem.

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