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Warped Roters And My Replacements


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I just put these on my 2008 ES350 and they are super so far.

I have a close friend that did the install for me for free, so the cost below is all that I paid.

My Order:

Part #: CE117.44083

2008 Lexus ES350 Centric Brake Hardware Kit Brake Hardware Kit ES350

Centric Qty: 1.00 Price: $ 7.67

Part #: P15K186

2008 Lexus ES350 Powerstop Brake Disc and Pad Kit Brake Disc and

Pad Kit ES350 Powerstop (Ceramic pads)

Qty: 1.00 Price: $ 225.75

Sub Total: $233.42

Shipping: $17.78

Handling: $4.27

Tax: $0.00

Core: $0.00

Discount: $0.00

Total: $255.47

I got them from:

THey have been on for week and totally solved the high speed shudderung that I got when braking.

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What a coincidence, just replaced front rotors and pads on my wife's 2007 ES350 at 80K. It was the 2nd pad set - 1st set got replaced under warranty when my wife reported a funny noise. They said there was a loose anti-noise spring, but replaced all the springs and pads.

I did the brake job myself and found the procedure and brake setup very similar to our previous Sienna. Only difference was the ES350's many anti-rattle springs - six on each side. Our ES350 also shuddered when braking at high speeds, 60-80 mph.

During the install, I found one bolt improperly tightened by the dealer. It was one of the bracket to mounting bolts that should have been tightened to 79 lbs, but easily broke loose, I'd estimate no tighter than 20 lbs.

I bought Raybestos from Amazon. The rotors come with a no-mill guarantee, meaning they don't require turning. I buy Raybestos whenever I can. They are not the high-performance of Powerstops or EBCs, but are better than OEM, and easier on the wallet. A brisk test drive has shown no sign of shuddering.

Rotors, part 980470, $38/each

Pads, part PGD1222C, $46/set, includes anti-rattle clips

Free shipping/handling.

No tax to CA.

Total price for both sides: $122.

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