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How Do I Disable The Annoying Beeping After I Open The Door ?

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When I turn off the car and then open the door it starts the loudest, most obnoxious beeping. What is it doing - warning me that I opened the door? It's seriously driving me insane and I'm ready to start pulling out jumpers under the hood or something.

I have a 2009 IS350.

Does anyone know how to disable the beep ?

Thank you!!!

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I feel your pain, but i'm not aware of any way to turn that beep off...

You might want to try and locate the speaker and cut the wires going to it. I believe the speaker only goes off when the door's opened, your seatbelt isn't buckled while in D, or your maintenance light comes on. Might be better to yank it!

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This question is a little different. This morning I opened the passenger front door for my wife and shut it after she was in. (The keys were in my pocket the whole time.) As soon as I started walking around the car to the drivers side the car beeped 3 times and then stopped before I got in the drivers seat.

Same thing but this time, I opened the trunk, put in the groceries, closed the trunk lid, and the car beeped the same 3 times as I was walking around to the drivers door. Again, FOB was in my pocket. Any ideas as to the purpose of these beeps?


2010 - ES350

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It's a little different for me. Whenever I start the car, or within a minute of driving the car after I just started it, I would get a single, loud beep. It can't be the seat belt reminder, since it's on already, the car door(s) are all closed tightly, and I don't think it needs any service yet (no lights on yet). So, I don't know what's with that.

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