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Nakamichi Sound System Issues


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I have a 1994 SC400 with the Nak system. Which like many others out there has some issues with age. The issues are as follows:

1. When turning the volume button I experience a static like sound. Is this similar to a normal stereo where this sound results from dust in or around the amp? If not does anyone have any suggestions?

2. The right rear mid speaker buzzes occasionally when playing music, my assumption is it is blown, however the lack of buzzing the entire time causes me to be unsure.

3. The left rear mid is completely silent. Is this from a disconnect, or is a channel blown on the amp?

So with these issues, how to I go about testing and checking the amp...should I do it myself or go to a respectable car stereo shop?

What are the best alternatives to the original Nak as far as replacing speakers goes? (For $150 or less for the rear mids as that is the price from the dealer for new Nak speakers)


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Sounds like speakers. I replaced mine with Boston Acoustic S45 speakers and they were a drop-in replacement for the rear deck speakers. Sound great, and on ebay the price for a pair is verrry reasonable.

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