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I bought the new Dice SilverLine DUO Ipod Adapter for my ES350. My Lexus is a 2008 Lexus ES350 without Nav and with the standard radio. (with sat & text buttons) I printed and followed dreyfus' (from Club Lexus forums) Nav/audio head unit removal steps. Everything went well except I managed to overlook step 5 showing that the left triangle trim piece on the drivers side also needed to be removed. When I had everything else taken out, the head unit would not budge. I realized that there must be a bolt on the left side. Taking that out did it. Hooking up the Dice splitter cable was a snap and the whole thing went back together very easily. I set up the dice unit as an MP3 player. (Dip switches = left off, right on). I tried to use it as a Sat setup but it had problems, so I reset it to MP3. It works Perfectly, including showing the song title on the radio's display.

A Great Thanks go to dreyfus for the incredible pictures that made this install very easy. Scary, but easy.

If you have the nerve, look at this link to see the removal steps.

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I got back into my Lexus to route the Dice cable into the glove box. I had to take out the cabin filter and found a small opening on the extreme left of the glove box. (Almost hiddened by the Cabin filter cover)I threaded a stiff wire from the glove box down to the area where the Dice cable came from the headunit (Had to take off the passenger kick panel , the triangle one, to see into this area). When I got the wire down there, I wrapped it aropund the Dice plug and GENTLY pulled it up to the glove box. You have to jiggle it a few times to get it through. During this process, when I plugged back into my Ipod, I noticed the the Dip switch settings were in fact both OFF. That is the CD Changer setting and is working OK.

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My dice duo (Silverline) unit has been in for 7 months and is working just fine. I have tried all 'dip' switch' settings and like the MP3 the best. That is dip 1 (Left) off (up) and dip 2 (Right) on (down). the Manual says that this setting is for late model navigation units. My ES350 is NOT a nav unit, but this setting works the best. Also tried Sat settings and the text on my radio would flicker all of the time. Very distracting. The CD changer setting also works ok.

B-T-W, I have a 2008 ES350 w/o Nav and a base radio with a sat button. (Don't have a sat radio setup)

I can recommend this Ipod integration. I like it a lot.

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