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Flex Pipeon 3.3 Liter?


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Hi all

Following on from my previous post about a weird exhaust related noise. After many hours of research, it looks like lexus RX300 and highlander 3.0 liter owners are having the same issue.

It looks like it may be one of two things:

1. worn gaskets between the different exhaust pipes

2. a bad flex pipe near the cat converter.

I just looked under my highlander (kluger) and I can't see a flex pipe anywhere on the exhaust system. Surely it would have one, however after searching the internet I can't find anything relating to flex pipes for the 3.3 liter V6 - highlander or RX330. Only the 3.0 liter Highler/RX300 models.

Does anyone know whether there is a flex pipe on the exhaust in the 3.3 liter? Perhaps some of you can go and have a look and/or take a photo.

I'm completely stumped on what this noise could be if I don't have the flex pipe... I am almost certain that the exhaust is oem and has not been modified by the previous owner. I also note that my previous highlander had the same issue.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated as I'd like to try and get the problem sorted before it gets any worse.



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I know my Lexus RX400h with the 3.3 does not have a flex pipe...another possibility is a cracked exhaust manifold. YOU would have to take the cover off the front one to investigate.

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Look at the below hyperlink...the Lexus Tech called it an intermediate pipe for my RX300. I nearly crapped in my pants when I saw the price. I did replace the conical donut, post cat which helped with the noise. The flex pipe is incorporated in the intermediate pipe. I learned that instead of replace the $1200 pipe, you can get a pipe shop to cut out the flex portion of the pipe and weld a new one on. I also have recently seen these flex pipes being sold at the Advance Auto in town, if you wanted to do it yourself. The flex portion of the pipe on my 300 is under the engine. Good luck.

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