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Sirius Satellite Installation


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Hi everyone. My name is Joe and I just recently purchased a '96 LS 400. I'm looking to install Sirius Radio in it and I'd like to place the tuner in the ashtray opening. I've seen it installed in the past where the ashtray door was either removed or modified to fit the tuner and hardwired to power inside the dash. The labor is not an issue for me but finding a product fitting my description is appearing to be. Is anyone familiar with this fitment? Is there some kind of bracket made to fit that opening or will I have to fabricate something to fit in it? Any feedback or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone! I'm happy to be a new member!

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Welcome to the site!

I've seen that done also, its definitely a custom fab job,and I think your problem is going to be finding a modern tuner that will fit. All the new tuners are all-in-one jobs, and the installs like that I've seen use older, smaller, control panel and separate tuner style kits they don't make anymore...

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I waited until i found a spare ashtray on ebay before breaking out the dremmel tool. The nice part about the install was that i could still close the ashtray when i felt a need to hide it.

I tried several means to input the audio. The best i found was the cassette thingy by Monster. It had the best sound of several i tried but that was four years ago.

The biggest challenge will be to find a satellite tuner that will fit into the space. I used a Starmate, but again, that was four years ago. I might still have the uncut ashtray stored away somewhere. Let me know if you need it and i'll look. A tree landed on my '98 LS and FORCED me to buy another Lexus or else i'd still be gliding along in my LS. Good


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