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Help To Decide To Move To Hybrid, And How To Increase Power

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Hi everybody,

I own 2001 RX300 AWD, with 100's miles, and I am really happy with my car. During all these years I test many cars, including Audis and Benzs, but until now there is no replacement for it. I consider that the interior materials of the 2001 RX and GS's are years ahead of actual cars. Looks like the manufacturers decided to move to plastics that look like plastics, and personally I dislike.

Anyway, fuel crisis is making me I am thinking to move to hybrid...

I have some questions that I need to clarufy.

Any hidden problems on the RX400h?

What is the real fuel consumption average, in normal conditions 40% city, 60% HWY?

How it drives the constinous transmission on mountain roads?

I am also looking for the CT200h, but keeping the RX. Using the RX for travelling (kids love the car with the Entertainment system) and the CT for the city.

Same questions about the transmission and power.

Basically it is a Prius, this really a luxury-sports car?

And then, the final question.

If the electric engine is capable of more pwer, and the electric system can manage, is there any way to change the electric-fuel managing system to increase the output power to the maximum? Even discharging faster the batteries?

Sorry for all these questions, but I dont want to put a lot of bucks in the car and get dissapointed...

Thanks in advance to everybody,

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If you're looking to modify the car to get the most power you can, you're really missing the point of the hybrid. Can you tune it to get more power? Probably...but at the expense of economy. The HSD system is also a highly technical system, one that doesn't really lend itself to DIY modifications.

Have you driven the CT? I haven't...

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Like you, had an '03 Rx300 (same as '01) and am now driving an '08 Rx400h. I LOVE it!

My actual mileage (60% city / 40% highway) is around 23 miles/gallon, but i'm a lead foot. The Rx400h's power is amazing, making it the fastest (0-60 and in terms of passing power) SUV that Lexus has made to date (including the 2010+ Rx450h). As far as i know, there aren't many issues with the Rx400h, only a few that some other members on here will post about i'm sure. <_<

Here's a thread i made a while back giving detail as to my experiences going from an Rx300 to Rx400h.

In my opinion, the Rx400h gives you the best performance for gas mileage in the SUV world.

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My thoughts:

1. If you have an RX400h, you will NOT want more power (0-60 MPH in 6.7 seconds), especially if coming from an RX300.

2. If you want superior gas mileage and sporty handling (but not lots of power), go with the CT200h.

3. The CT200h averages 42 MPG, whereas a typical RX400h averages 24-27 MPG.

4. The HS250h is somewhat in between, with gas mileage of 35 MPG or so and quicker acceleration than the CT200h.

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After numerous tickets and tired of the cops giving tickets for 6miles over I must drive like an old lady, I get to the speed limit nad set on cruise control. I been averaging mid 27 mpg to mid 29. I drive 70% highway and 30% city. I have an o8 as well and really like it. It out performs my older rx300 by far. Great car in my opinion.

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I just read an article stating that the Prius is faster than the CT200h. That being said, the CT200h is better looking inside and out in my opinion.

I would assume that the Prius is faster since I think it also lighter than the CT200h.


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