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Charcoal? Wood? Or Gas Grill?


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So last night, the wife came home from sears with a surprise for me, a late birthday gift, I guess. She likes charcoal/wood, and I like gas, its the best of both worlds!I love having a truck, it enables my wife to go places and buy me large, expensive, and relatively kickass items, all by herself :D.


Starting on assembly, Marv is always eager to help (


After shooing the dog, we have to start putting it together.


With the aid of a friend, of course :D :


Final assembly:


Charcoal, wood and gas capable:


All in all, great way to spend a saturday afternoon, and now after a 5 mile jog, I'm going to cook and mow down on some Mesquite Grilled Chicken.

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Depends on what you like to grill, for me, if I'm grilling Del Monico Ribeyes, it has to be on a charcoal/wood grill, because you can stack the coals and get the grill super hot and give the steak a good searing. But when I grill in the hurry, and it's just BBQ chicken and stuff then the gas grill is better, especially for parties.

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Here is the old grill in for cleanup:



As you can see it was BADLY wearing. The Burner hats were done. As soon as I touched them they started falling apart. This grill lasted 6 years, through many thousands of burgers and steaks (15 company Barbecue's) and being transported several times, once all the way across country. She served us well. I was cleaning it up to see if I could give it to my neighbor, but seeing this, I think it might be time to throw it out.

On to better news, a close up of the Gas and Charcoal/wood sections:





as of last night, seems to be pretty durable.

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OK, to all who are waiting, the big one is 24 oz top sirloin, the small one is 20 oz of the same:


^Marinated overnight in smooth hickory.


^wife likes hers well, so I started hers first. I am a medium-rare to medium kinda guy.


^mine (24 oz) almost done!


^plated and ready to eat! Complete with sauteed mushrooms/onions, pasta salad and a loaded baked potato!

and OMG it was so frickin good. First steak I have ever cooked that dissolved in my mouth before I could chew it. Oh and the yourselves the favor and tenderize/marinate your steaks in the fridge the night before you cook 'em. Takes a bit of planning, but you will not regret it.

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