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Mp3 Player & Sunroof Es 300

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HI, Just bought a ES 300 2004 model... the Car has a 6 CD changer, but does not have a MP3 Player + IPOD /USB port reader... Is there some way i can get it done without damaging/ removing the Panel from the dash board? The idea is to not damage the look. What speakers does this vehicle come with? What speakers are recommended for a maximum impact?

Can i get a SUNROOF done for the car?

Can i get a GPS positioning / navigation toolkit installed in the car??

Please share ur thought.

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Congratulations on your new ride!

First off, here in North America we have a ES330 for 2004 instead of a 300. If your 04 is a 300 and not a typo error on your part, you may have the same equipment as we do, or you may not. I guess it depends on how Toyota equips their vehicles for various markets. That said, my wife's ES has the full navigation package. There are no provisions for inputs for iPods/USB/etc. There is a 6 Pack CD changer in the center console, and a single DVD player behind the flip down Nav screen (for the Nav updates), as well as a single CD player.

As for speakers, there is enough oomph in the Mark Levison speakers/woofer to make people deaf in the next county. There would be no reason to change them. However, your car may not be so equipped.

As for the sunroof, unless you are talking about having a manual flip sunroof installed, the cost to retro fit a factory electric unit would be astronomical. It could cost you more than half of what you paid for the car by the time you were done. In our shop we have installed a factory unit into non sunroof car, but the cost when done was unbelievable.

In that case we found a front end wreck/writeoff and cut the entire roof off of the wreck and grafted it to the customer's car. By the time he paid for the wreck, the grafting, rewiring and paint, he could have purchased a new car.

If you really want a sunroof car, sell yours and buy one, because it'll be cheaper.

Good luck with your new ride!

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Dear Friend!!! Thanks a million for your revert!!!

I checked its a 2004 Es 300 .. they sell it old here :):

The mark levinson speakers are strong!! No doubt.. but they lack the bass and surround... and hence was wondering if i can add that in any manner... Neverhthless.. the car is doing very good... I love the feeling @ 200Kmph... :) The vroom from its belly is awesom..



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