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Hello everyone,

This might be a somewhat dumb question, but today I had my moon roof open and all of the sudden it started to rain a bit, and my front seats and armrest was rained on. Now the leather has water spots?

The leather has gotten lighter where the rain hit it.

I was curious is anyone knew how to get that out or am I stuck with it.

(I have shampooed and conditioned the leather, it didn’t really help, but that was the only thing I can think of.)

Thanks so much.

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I suggest you google it as there are too many variables in regards to your specific situation. And you can find very good advice on some sites dedicated to such topic. Btw, we have a leather sofa of the highest quality (read very expensive) and the simple contact of a sweating arm or hand on the leather will leave a spot that cannot be removed. Fortunately for us,the leather is charcoal in color and the spot marries itself with the leather. Sorry I cannot help you more.

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Okay, thank you all for the help.

DO NOT DO IT YOUR SELF. See a professional detailer and let them work the leather. As one person said, there are to many variables to take a chance on ruining you leather and having to pay a fortune to fix.


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