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Vibrating Gas Pedal

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Hi Guys!! :)

A beautiful sunny day - here in Victoria B.C.

My '93 LS has a wheel bearing problem. That much I'm sure of. [well.... 98% sure] Could THAT [also] be the cause of the gas pedal vibrating ever so slightly?! [but noticeably] When I'm driving and put the car in 'N' - the vibration stops. I'm starting to become quite frustrated. I've spend a lot of money - already - on my car and it's STILL not as it should be. But with only 55,000 or so miles - it's worth it - I think. [i HOPE!!]

This is what's happening...

- droan or moan - most noticeable around 50 mph

- sometimes feels as though I'm towing a small trailer.

- car seems to 'engine brake' more NOW than it did when I first got it. [if that makes sense]

- I don't get the feeling the car would like to go above 80 mph.

- is often a bit difficult to keep in lane. [although that could have more to do with alcohol than wheel bearings!! j/k]

- gas pedal vibrates. [imagine one of those hand-held back massagers on high - pressed against your back through a pillow]

What do you think? Can I blame everything on wheel bearings?!


Craig!! :)

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the wheel bearings may have some to do with but after 10 years no matter how many or little miles it has on it the weight of the engine and trans is on the engine and trans mounts (but i guess if there are very few miles on it its less of a problem) i recently changed both my motor mounts and trans mounts with some other things and a world of difference i felt. its more or less a new car! no vibration no noise of engine floating on a cloud feeling again :lol:

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