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Towing With Rx 450H Fwd

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I recently purchased an RX450h FWD from a Lexus dealership and was told it could tow up to $3,800 lbs. I only plan on towing our two motorcycles which should be no more than 2,000 lbs including trailer and cargo. The official car data states NA for towing on the Front Wheel Drive RX450h and $3,800 pounds for the All-Wheel Drive RX450h.

As any one encoutered any issues with towing behind an RX450h FWD?

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...Has any one encountered any issues with towing behind an RX450h FWD?

This isn't a direct answer for you, but I've towed a smallish Mercedes Benz (1985 190D 2.2), which is listed as 2,247 lbs. curb weight from home to my mechanic on a tow dolly without any issue. This was a trip of about 60 miles one-way on a freeway, (but not at freeway speeds), over several fairly steep hills. My 2006 RX400H has AWD, but honestly, power to the rear wheels is rarely applied. Only when starting from a complete stop, and then for just a few moments until the vehicle is rolling at a walking speed. The fuel consumption suffered, for sure, but the Lexus drove and handled like the Mercedes wasn't even there.

I also hauled a 550+ pound bike from Portland, OR to SoCal on a U-Haul motorcycle trailer last spring, again without any problems. Wouldn't expect you'll have any problems towing a couple of bikes with your FWD.

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