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Tire Problem


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Ok I have 1 big tire on my car that is to big.

I have notcied that when I put 4 people in my car when I turn right the tire scrubs

What should I do, do you think its my liftting, shocks or struts or just get the right size tire?

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It is dangerous to run improperly sized tires on any vehicle. Properly sized tires will not rub any part of the suspension. Yours should all be the same size and the same make, and should be the same as what is written on the label on the edge of the driver's door or on the B pillar below the lock pin.

Driving on any other sized tire will make your speedometer inaccurate, and could possible adversely affect the handling, especially in an emergency situation.

If I read your post correctly you "lifted" the suspension? If so, any time you change the geometry of a car's suspension from factory specifications without the advice of an automotive engineer, you make it worse, for tire wear, bearing failure, etc., as well as for safety.

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