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Battery/alternator Trouble

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Hi guys & girls my baby letting me down had battery checked it was good had alternator checked it was fine but my babattery light keeps coming on and my car will just die while driving any suggestion to the problem i get ajump it fres right up run for a few min. then putts to a stop

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So go turn on the headlights with the engine off. Are the lights bright white or somewhat dull? Leave them on for about ten minutes and then try to start. If it won't the battery is dead. Charge it. If it then starts well, suspect the alternator. Have someone who knows what they are doing check both the battery (load test) and the alternator (output test). It has to be one or the other.

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do you have any dash board lights that indicate a problem like "VSC" or similar? I shorted a wire a long time ago reinstalling the radio after adding on an iPod adapter. it seemed like I had a dead battery and I had it replaced. still had problems of the car stalling and quitting. I had the VSC light. I looked at each fuse and didn't find the problem, but I must have returned one to a an empty holder position, and I caused more problems. I got it to the local dealer and they found the problem in about 10 minutes.

it seems like it would be either the battery or alternator, but the computer can also cause problems, so keep an open mind. it shouldn't take a Lexus dealer to check for the first 2 choices, but if it's not the battery or alternator, check the fuses and be careful if you remove one next to an empty slot so that you return it to the correct one. if you still have a problems and have error lights on the dash, tell your repairman.

good luck!

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