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No Brake Lights


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I just realized my brake lights were not working. How do I know if it's the actual bulbs, the stop light switch or a fuse? Any thoughts?

AW- 1st thing to check would be the fuses. DO NOT simply look at them. They MUST be checked with at least a test light or DVM (digital volt meter). Next would be to pull one bulb out and check it visually. I doubt that ALL brake lights burned out at once. The way I alway checked bulbs was to hold the bulb FIRMLY in a forefinger and thumb and give it about 4 good hard "thumps" with the second finger on your other hand. Often you can LOOK at a bulb and not SEE the break. IF there is a break (or NEAR break), that WILL expose it by the vibration of the broken filament. Don't worry about BREAKING the filament in a GOOD bulb by doing this. It won't happen! IF it breaks by the 4th thump, it was ready to break anyway. I used this method for over 30 years in automotive work and it never failed me. I suspicion it is the brake light switch, but that will probably need the test light or DVM to determine. Always try the easiest things 1st, even if you don't think there is a high probability that is it.

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