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Thats right, just got orders today. My unit is going to southern Afghanistan sometime in July. Thats about all I can tell you because of Operational Security. Looks like its right around the corner guys. I can tell you that this one is not gonna be a picnic. War never is, but I am restricted this trip to taking only what I can carry, which means no amenities like a computer, internet or even plumbing and electricity. To put it bluntly, my Commanding Officer told us:

Don't bother packing soap, there wont be any running water for showers. Use that space to pack extra socks and drawers, cause for the first 3 months, you're gonna need them.


(P.S.-of course I will pack some soap :lol: , just in case, but from the sounds of things I wont be using it for quite some time).

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God Bless you Josh! Safe travels my friend, and keep that eye on the 6 24/7 over there. And if you do happen to stumble across the SOB that caused all of this, put an extra cap in his candy-a$$ for the boys and girls who love ya' here on LOC!

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