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Tires For 2006 Gs 430

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After putting 25K miles on my Bridgestone, I went to Firestone today and the service guy suggested me to replace the rear tires as soon as possible. However, my front tires size are 245/40R18 and he wanted to put on 225/50R17 for the rear. I'm confused. Does this guy know what he's talking about? or Can I really do that? 18" in front and 17" on the back??

Please advise and help me ..


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225/50-17 is the stock tire size for the GS.

He probably plugged the year and make of your car into his computer and the stock tire size came up. My guess is that he didn't look to see that you have the optional 18 size on the vehicle.

Simply go back and calmly inform them that you do not have 17" tires and that you would like a quote for the size tire currently mounted on the car.


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huh.gif I feel dumber after reading that.

Seriously..why I was so dumb to let my car services by a bunch of "know nothing" ...and feel so dumb when I posted my question ..

I wasn't directing that at you, and I hope you didn't take it personally. It just infuriates me when I see these $9.00 an hour tire shop labor guys posing as a real "auto technician" and say some of the dumbest things I've ever heard! There isn't a single guy in the shop that if you walked up to him or her and said " 18's on the front and 17"s on the rear that wouldn't do a quick double take and ask you why and what is going on there with that. And this guy said he suggests it???? Really?? LOL!!

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