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Looking To Buy 95 Gs 300

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Hello, I am looking at a 95 GS 300, it has 169,000 miles, automatic. Exterior is nice no dings paint is good, interior is ok nothing major. My mechanic took a quick look and it needs a radiator and the tranny fluid smells burnt and is brown. He said to walk away but the price is $3000. My question is would this still be a decent buy? It does not shift hard but I have never owned a Lexus so I have no comparison. I wanted to know from people who drive this car daily. I am not above fixing a tranny when it needs it but like I said it doesn't jerk when put in gear or clunk when it does shift. The car is sluggish over all but I am sure it could use a tuneup. Any info is greatly appreciated!

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Can't speak for everyone, but I have the same model with 198,000 miles and it runs like new. Of course, it's been well maintained with oil changed every 3.000 miles. The price seems right but I'd be concerned about putting in a new tranny (unless your a tech and can do it yourself).

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