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2006 Gs300 Power Steering Stopped Working

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Car was running great, I was backing out of a tight parking place turned the wheel all the way to the left and power steering immediately stopped working, no noise, no fluid leaking? I found out there is a fuse for the power steering(not sure this is the problem), it is a blade fuse 1st not sure how to tell if this fuse is bad? secondly not sure how to replace any suggestions?

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You won't see any fluid leaking because there is none. The power steering is electric not hydraulic.

Since it is electric, then a fuse is always the first place to look. Since you have a 2006 then I might be of help.

Page 582 to 584 of your owners manual tells you how to pull the blade fuse and see if it is blown. Very simple.

Fuse no. 56 and 51 are the first two to look at. (listed on pg 577 and location shown on pg. 573) These two are in the fuse box under the hood on the passengers side.

There was a recall on the power steering unit back in 2009, did you car have that service campaign performed on it?


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