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Changing Tires On Rx 400H

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I am getting ready to change tires on my RX 400h

Question is -

How difficult it is for a regular Joe to change tires and bluetooth sync each tire/wheel to the on-board computer.

do I need "expert" (so called) help from a lexus dealer OR a regular mechanic / local mom-n-pop shop can do it easily.

is that documented anywhere?

Thank you

Proud owner

2008 RX 400h

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Same as any other car with TPMS. The TPMS sensors are not bluetooth, they are regular old-fashioned radio frequency. The tire installer needs to know they are TPMS and you will probably be charged a little extra so they can replace part of the TPMS valve stem and "reset" the system.

You don't need to do anything special when rotating the tires.

There is a TPMS reset button under the dash to re-learn the baseline tire pressure if you change it. That way it will continue to alert you when any tire gets 25% below the baseline pressure.

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I recently replaced the OEM tires with Michelin MXV4 S8 tires at 32K. My sense is that the AWD and regenerative braking may shorten tire life a bit. Love the new Michelins with improved ride and handling. I purchased the tires from Tire Rack and had them installed by a local Tire Rack affiliate. The TPMS sensors did not need to be replaced and there was no extra fee simply because the of the presence of the TMPS. I had to reset the TPMS system (button under dash) since the mechanic did not do that step.

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My sense is that the AWD and regenerative braking may shorten tire life a bit.

How so? Regenerative braking actually has a positive effect on brake pad life (the friction brakes are used much less), and I can't imagine how it could cause tire wear. I also cannot see how electric motor power to the rear tires in certain situations would have an adverse effect on tire wear.

The worst thing I can think of for reducing tire life (for the RX400h) is being out of alignment or having low tire pressure.

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