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Is It True Synthetic Oil?


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Just wondering about the oil used in the 2010 RX's. Is it true synthetic oil? I have a friend who just bought an Audi and is supposed to change the oil at 10,000 km or one year. We have to change at 6,000 km or 6 months. Audi advised him that the RX's are probably not using real synthetic oil but perhaps some kind of mix? Anyone have any information on this?

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Audi should stick to talking about Audis and their great dependability...

IF the dealership is using the Toyota 0w20 oil, it is supposed to be good for 10000 MILES. Me personally (and I do use the Toyota 0w20) I change it at 10000 KILOMETRES, but to sort of answer your question, YES, the 0w20 is fully synthetic. I don't know about the other grades.

See here

I see on the online maintenance manual download

that they are recommending 10000 mile oil change intervals UNLESS you drive under the 'special operating conditions' in which case they recommend 5000 mile OCIs.

Just like in the old days, the special operating conditions are towing, high heat, stop and go, dusty roads, extreme cold etc etc. It's listed there in the manual.

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Thanks Lemon....good info, many of us can go longer making synthetic even more cost effective. You can now buy the 0-20 in quart or 5 quart jugs at Walmart...Mobile 1...about 1/2 price. I buy my own oil and filter and then take it for an oil change and grease job. For any thing more I take it to the dealer. I've watched the dealer personnel and wasn't impressed. I'm sure that varies by dealer.

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