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Droid And Bluetooth Contacts


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I've had an LS400 for many years, now with 200k miles. Just purchased an ES350 and have new electronics to play with. I have a Droid (Verizon)and have been able to get it to work with the Bluetooth just fine. The problem comes when trying to synch my contacts in the Droid to the Bluetooth. I have read numerous articles on similar topics on Droid and Lexus forums, but am still stumped. Many discussions show the issue has been resolved and others say the Droid won't synch with Bluetooth??????

Here is what I have done-

1-I downloaded the Bluetooth Files transfer app

2-Cleaned out the existing contacts in the Lexus

3-Followed the instructions to add contacts from phone

4-Had the phone send contacts

5-BUT- It makes me add them one at a time.

This could take hours and I have read where hundreds get loaded in seconds.

Went to the Lexus dealer for help and got another new answer. They said only works if you have Navigation package??? How can that be, Navigation somehow has more options for Bluetooth?

Anyway- Am I wasting my time trying to synch these?? Can it really be done? Do you need Navigation?



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