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Camshaft Seal Question

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Hello everyone,

I won a 1998 Lexus gs400 with 145k on it

Recently i noticed a lot of oil leaking from the front of my engine near my pulleys.

Anyhow i brought it down to my trusted mechanic and he pulled it apart and found that my cam seals and crankshaft seals are leaking.

He told me i should replace my idler pulley, serpentine belt, timing belt, spark plugs and spark plug seals, cam and crank seals, and water pump.

Anyhow my question is about the camshaft seals. I went down to the Lexus dealership to buy my parts, the Lexus rep told me that the seals are included in the cam kit. which includes the whole cam, for $390....

I have found the camshaft seals online at many places for about $30 ish....anyhow when i spoke with my mechanic he wanted to make sure i got all the seals for the camshaft. He showed me about 2 or 3 other ones that are near the front of the engine for the cam. I cant find any replacements for these online at all. Has someone done a camshaft seal replacement that would be able to send me a part list? or point out exactly what i need for the repair =-)

Thank You,


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