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How Do You Control The Rear Vent?


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I always refer to the manual first then if I can't find an answer, I try it here.

If I understand what your saying, you have read the manual, but still can't find the answer.

You say you set the temp to 78. Was the A/C in the ON mode or OFF mode. What position was the air intake set for; fresh air or re-circulate? Last, I know you turned the dial on the vents up and down to make sure it was open?

On my 2010, the fan puts out the most force to the rear vents when the control is set for just upper body.Page 202, ES350-2010 owners manual. Any other setting, i.e., defrost, feet and dash vents, etc. have a lesser amount of air flow to the rear vents. It never puts out a lot of force.

Not sure if this matters, but when it gets around 32' outside the A/C compressor may not run.

If the outside air intake is in the re-circulate position I don't believe the system blows any air except for the dash vents. Again page 202 and 205. This is the same regardless of having Nav or not.

The great thing about this forum is that someone might come along with some better answers.


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