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Why I Love My Hybrid

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My car has been at the dealer for the past week having warranty work done. I was given a loaner vehicle - a 2011 RX350. It had a full tank of gas when I got it. As per the mileage computer in the vehicle the 'average since refuelling' is 13.1 l/100km. The average today on my drive to work (95% highway) was 12.3 l/100km.

In my 2006 400h, I can easily get 8 to 9 l/100km on my commute to work. Before taking it in for service, the mileage was 8.9 l/100km. In the summer I can get closer to 8. I imagine if I did all highway that the 350 would be closer to the 400h - it seems to be in the city that the difference is much greater.

I will admit, I'm smitten by the 3rd generation - very nice interior, exterior is growing on me (initially I though it looked a bit bloated), seems to handle a bit better as well (I think the rear suspension was changed for the new model).

On a happier note, a friend of mine told me of two friends of his with a Ford Edge. 18 l/100km and a Acura RDX

15 l/100km. Of course, it's not apples to apples, as they drive differently than I do, but still...

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I'm only averaging 22.4 miles/gallon in my Rx400h, 90% city driving too.

I think it's because when i get to school each day, i park with the ignition ON for a good half hour or so just waiting for spots to open up- with the engine turning on and off getting 0 miles per gallon, just burning fuel...

But still, it's much better than what i was getting with the Rx300!

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