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What Brand Lower Ball Joints To Buy For 95 Ls400?


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Just got back from the shop, and apparently my lower ball joints need replacing. Being that OEM ball joints are outrageously expensive, I wanted to check with you guys to see who makes a high quality replacement that are as good or better for less money. IF OEM is the only way to go, then that's what I'll do. Just don't want to get somewhere down the road and have them break on me, etc..

Any help/suggestions!???

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If you register with your forum ID, (Sewell Lexus in Dallas) will sell you "Lexus OEM Lower Ball Joint Assembly" for your 95 LS (it would be easier if would put your model year in your profile) for $58 each not including shipping. That doesn't seem too bad for OEM. I've found Sewell to be a reliable supplier that usually has the best prices -- specially when their usually lower shipping fees are considered.

Unless you are in the witness protection program :rolleyes: , it would also help if you would put your location in your profile ... would help others recommend services and suppliers closest to you.

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I second the recommendation for Sewell parts. Just ordered my front strut bars from them today! They were reasonably priced for new, OEM bars.

Micah, are you going to put them on yourself or have them done? If you do it, dont tighten the front bolts with the wheels dangeling, or there wont be any spring left when you put it down, and you will probably tear the new bushing on your first "bump"....

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Hi Billy,

Additional info: I ordered the complete bar because I don't have a shop press, and though I found a place to press out the old cushion, I'm looking to replace them on a Saturday, when most of the machine shops are closed around me. So my thoguht is for an extra $100 or so, I'll have a spare set of bars that I can replace just the cushion in down the road a bit (so to speak). I've also thought about selling the old bars to someone that just wants to install the cushion. I haven't decided, I guess. But I should probably hold on to them in case I install something incorrectly.

Landar was kind enough to place some pictures on his Flickr account, which shows the strut bar disassembly (very helpful for me as I'm a visual learner). Assuming that I can get the old bars off, then I intend to use my floor jack to compress the suspension and then tighten the bolts. My question right now is that proper procedure would be to start the nut on the bolt, and then compress the suspension and torque accordingly (120 - 130 ft lbs.). You had posted some instructions a while back as I recall, and I intend to find them.

I will most likely start a new thread for my upcoming installation questions because I don't want to thread jack David1walker's post (too much :) ) The short answer to your question is that I'm going to try and install them myself. :lol:

I truly appreciate the guidance that I've received on this forum.

Blessings to you!


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thats what we done, with the floor jack, we had the nut on just not tightened. I had my nephew helping (doing most of it) me, they were too hard for me to get out, all that prizing and hammering.... blessings...

I have an extra set also, in fact, I got them from Landar.

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