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0-20W Oil Color


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I just had my 2010 RX350 oi/filter change at my dealer. As always I checked the oil level the same day after a 25 mile drive home. Level was fine, but I noticed a pale amber color to the fresh oil. Previous changes, which were complementary, showed clear colorless oil. If you have just had an oil change using the 0-20W oil(the new synthetic extended mileage type), please check the color for me. I assume previous year RX's use a different oil, and I hope the dealer didn't put in wrong type/grade of oil. The cost was $53, which seems low for sythetic oil. Thanks for your input.

P.S. I realize the oil will take on color as time/mileage is accumulated.

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Previously, the Toyota brand 0w20 was made by Idemitsu. Currenlty, it's being made by Mobil. Having used both, I can tell you that the Idemitsu oil was lighter coloured. IF the dealer is and was using the Toyota 0w20, then yes, you may find the oil is now darker.

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