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Improve Horsepower And Engine Performance

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If you on a budget and you Love your Lexus and you want to keep it running to 'near dealership' specs :whistles: and keep more gas in your car this is what i think you should do based on experience. Starting off with the simple things 1st do yourself a big favor :) buy yourself a scanner.... you can get one from Autozone little as 50$, this save waiting in line at autozone for future CEL issues it will pay for itself in the long run. CEL (Check Engine Light) the only reason this light comes on is one of the sensor bad, so if you actually take time to replace all sensors this can eliminate future worries of this light popping on. 'REPLACE ALL SENSOR ARE YOU CRAZY YOU KNOW HOW MUCH THIS COST' :pirate: well you dont have to do it all at once if your finances wont allow, just do a little at time. For example when you get paid do all your oxygen sensors. Most Lexus only have 3 and you can look online most them you can get as little as 60$ a piece. Oxygen sensors wont improve how the car rides but your engine can tell the difference when it comes to using gas. Then work on your V.S.S ( Vehicle SPeed Sensor ) then follow that up by replacing T.S.S Transmission Speed Sensor. Most may complain of the car not shifting right, :geek: these two sensors can be the culprit and replacing them can show some improvement when shifting occurs.They can run not more over 100$ if you shop online. Now were getting somewhere still a ways to go for some just replacing those can show a big improvement. Just understand what is a sensor. just feedback sent to the computer that all. They are made of plastic so just think if you have a car over 10 years old that plactic may get brittle and the signal it sends back might be off a few numbers... those few numbers can cause lost in horsepower and the engine can start idling real bad. :o When you get time on your next paycheck or whatever do you engine a favor, do a radiator flush and replace the thermostat, o.k you did that now you see where you Engine coolant sensor is? go head and replace that to. The Engine Coolant Sensor can improve some horsepower and idling issues 70$. Now this will improve gas mileage and idling your camshaft sensor it's right there looking at you when you raise the hood got mine for 75 at autozone :lol: the camshaft sensor is the reason for most us to see oil in the computer harness, well its' right there where you pour the oil in so if it has any micro cracks in it oil will come on in without knocking on the door and chill out in your car's ECU. You replace that good job, if you car could talk it would give you a cookie :lol: now one more sensor we need to look at, and that's the Crankshaft sensor this not going to lie is not easy to replace take it to the shop so they can do it, you have to take the front part of the exhaust off to get to it :o but well worth the money to have it done :) Now you did the Air-filter so when was the last time you change the Fuel filter :huh: think bout it if you have done it over 2 years. Now your car seeing you showing her some love so it do the same and not let you down doing your public display of her an engine that idle so smoothly you cant tell it's even on. Regardless what autozone tries to sell you those fuel additive, dont fall for it :blink: Gas boosters, fuel injector cleaners, water removers no no no :huh: actually while it do clean the injectors are they promising you it wont mess up your spark plugs. If you ever took a spark plug out and see Yellowish color on the tip, this is the reaction cause by those fuel additives. Autozone not going to tell you that that's why i am. Now Oil additives is a different story and you can call any lexus/toyota dealer and ask is it recommend to add oil additives when changing the oil, now see how you Lexus run if this lil bit free information dosent help you most likly have a car on it's last leg :cries: but lexuses have many legs to walk on :P so trust this Louisiana Native i guarantee ooooohhh boyyy !!! B) :cheers::cheers:

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