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Have You Found Oil In Your Computer Harness

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A while back my Transmission would not shift into overdrive (4th gear) thought it was my transmission going bad. Before this happen that Transmission was shifting real hard, thats before i discovered about replacing the motor mounts and transmission mounts, then it just stop shifting to o.d period. so took it and they kept it overnight found out it was my ECU ( computer) needed to be replace. once he replace it he told me he notice some oily residue where the harness fits in at. He didnt know where it came from but this was the reason my computer wasnt working good oil inside the computer. Maybe it the oil sending unit but when he put new computer in all work fine and i check it no oil sighted so i got happy :cheers: maybe this wont happen again 2 months later :angry: oil in the harness again i took it to another transmission place and they told me maybe your computer getting so hot it's making the residue <_< yea right i thought, so i scan on line to find the answer and it was not hard to fix either.....IF YOU GETTING OIL IN YOUR COMPUTER HARNESS THE REASON IS :geek: ......YOU NEED TO CHANGE YOUR CAMSHAFT SENSOR...THIS IS LOCATED RIGHT BELOW WHERE YOU POUR YOUR OIL IN AT. THE REASON IT LEAKS IS THE PLASTIC OVER TIME CAN GET BRITTLE AND CRACK AND YOU KNOW OIL CAN CREEP INTO ANY LIL SEEP. AFTER I CHANGE THAT CAMSHAFT SENSOR NO RESIDUE FOUND IN THE HARNESS. See I did this myself why other so call mechanics didnt even know where to start.... :P my computer overheating can cuz oil like residue.... whoever told me that need another job

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