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New Apple Ipad.. Who Has One


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My wife just got the new Ipad2 in the mail a few days ago with her bonus money, it's our first Ipad so I can't compare old vs new but it's nice, she likes to surf & play Angry Birds on the couch when I'm playing on my PS3, it's alot easier on the eyes than our Iphones. Some friends of ours have the old one which we'vew always liked, and we originally planned on picking up and old one at a cheaper price but the price difference wasn't enough. The sound quality is pretty impressive on both, it amazes me how good something that's as thin as a few slices of bologna can sound that good. If the new Ipad2 had the new Retina display I'd say it's worth it to upgrade. We went from the 3GS Iphone to the Iphone4 and the difference in the displays is pretty significant.

Anyone have the new Apple Ipad 2 yet?

Anyone queued outside the store to get one?

May have to sell my current one for a new one, wanted to know what the new ipad is like compared the the first version?

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Well I have the old iPad and for some reason I am just not motivated to get the new ipad2 I have had my iPad for 6 months or so and I love it... I am waiting for the new iPhone! Still have the 3GS wasn't one month after I got that and they announced the iPhone 4! So I am holding out this time.

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Walled through the Mac store last weekend on Mich Ave, with an itchin for a new toy. With a desktop, netbook, iPhone 3GS, iPod touch, and a black berry already, I came to the sad conclusion that....I've peaked ;-(

We walked around and looked at everything, all of it beautiful and neat, but just couldn't justify the cost vs need. I suppose I should be happy about this, as it shows I've been successful in getting all the toys that satisfy me. But, I categorize this sense of pleasure with the comment that one should be happy to pay taxes, as it represents an income level to warrant it. You think I'm smiling when I write that check? You ever have a vescetomy or a colonoscopy?

With that said, Having played with my moms iPad earlier in the day, I can see the buzz about the second one's screen. Pretty nice!

I'll buy when they make that little laptop they have out into a hybrid of both! Show me a laptop that can flip it's screen and act like an iPad, then flip back around and be a full computer, and I'll show you the money ;-)

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