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Where Can I Get Used Engine Wiring Harness 94 Es300

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Redoing my engine again :chairshot: this time the keeping an eye on the mechanic since last time the other mechanic ran off with my money... but do anyone know where i can get maybe used good condition ENGINE WIRING HARNESS for my 1994 ES 300 some of the connectors are broken off and I notice before had the engine pull. My CEL come on like for the thottle body sensor, EGR valve, PNP switch and my knock sensor was coming on right, took it 2 different places and when it came to PNP switch and the Thottle body sensor, they check it and said they were working but the CEL stayed on reset the computer and mention something was wrong with my computer which i got a rebuilt one. Which make me think gotta be the harness wires, now the engine out i look at my harness dont really see expose wires but i have notice broken connectors and even though i cant see any expose wires i think there are some somewhere that i cant see for given false codes, IF ANYONE READING THIS KNOWS SOMEONE OR A PLACE WHERE I CAN GET THIS ENGINE WIRING HARNESS PART # 82121-3320 please let me know thank you :geek:

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