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Car No Start

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Car will not start when it rains? Dry outside it starts fine. Any takers?

I would suspect corrosion somewhere in the electrical system. Have you cleaned the battery terminals and cable clamps recently? The battery terminals and the insides of the cable clamps should be bright and clean. I bought a tool at a parts store made for cleaning the terminals and the inside of the clamps - cost just a few bucks. I removed the rest of the corrosion on the clamps with water, baking soda and an old tooth brush. After reattaching the clamps to the terminals, I coated them with a thin layer of petroleum jelly. It's hard to believe doing something so simple can make so much difference.

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motor cranks fine just doesn't start? Just recently got new cable clamps clean everything coated them. Checked fire from coil and im getting fire there just not for sure if im getting fuel. But why would i not get fuel when it rains?

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But why would i not get fuel when it rains?

It could be because the fuel pump is electric and because already weak (e.g. corroded, cracked) electrical connections can fail in high humidity (e.g. rain) conditions.
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Check the coil wire on the drivers side, particularly where it passes thru the timing cover. thers a STRONG possibility that replacing the wires will solve your problem. If in doubt- go in the garage, make sure it starts, spray it down with a squirt/spray bottle of water, see if it starts and runs normally. If it doesnt, turn off the lights and get a friend to crank the car over and look for the "light show". HTH

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