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Oil Changes At Toyota Dealerships

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I recently spoke with a friend that had an ES 300 for the past few years and loved the car. His lease was up, so his wife wanted a BMW.

He doesn't like the BMW as much, but mentioned that the oil changes and maintanence are free. He mentioned that an oil change service at the Lexus dealer used to be around $100.00 or more.

I asked him why he didn't just take it to a local TOYOTA DEALER. He was told by the TOYOTA DEALER that they are prohibited to change the oil or service a LEXUS.

Has anyone else had that experience or heard that before??

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SOME Toyota dealers wont service the Lexuses, mainly because they are linked in some way to an area Lexus dealer and they don't want to take business away from them.

For instance we have a huge chain here called "Darcars". Darcars owns Lexus of Silver Spring and 355 Toyota, along with probably 100 other dealerships. 355 Toyota will NOT service any Lexus, they forwarded me to Lexus of Silver Spring. Jim Coleman Toyota however, who does not own a Lexus dealership will service a Lexus just fine.

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