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Ls430 Smart Key ! Help


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hi hope i can get some advice from you guy cause you all seem toknow what you talking about

lexus ls430 2004 model with smart key

i was out at supper and i have managed to lose my smart key (it was the only key i had !!!!)

so i been reading up i will order a new key from segwall and get it cut to my vin

then about he coding will it be pre coded or will i have to program the key again for the immobliser

next problem how can i get the car open to get my stuff out any one got any idea s

please help me

before i lose whats left of my hair

thank s

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Now i could be wrong... but i "think" you need at least one functioning master key to program another one. BUT, i could be wrong. I know this to be true about other Lexus key models.

Have you asked your dealer if a new key can be programmed? I don't believe they come from the factory already programmed when you get it, i think the dealer needs to program a new remote by using another working one.

And you haven't been able to get in the car since you lost the key? Have you tried calling a towing company or lock-out service?

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