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Speed Sensor Issues


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Recently bought a 91' Ls400 and it has a dead speed. Speedo, Trip, and Odometer all don't work, and the O/D off light is flashing. Replaced the No.1 Speed sensor which solved nothing, and even replaced the cluster (needed it anyway) to no avail. Checked the tranny code after replacing the speed sensor and it's still throwing a code 42. What are the chances I bought a bummed speed sensor? Is there anything else I should look into?

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There are 2 speed sensors on the transmision,the speedometer driven gear will have a drive gear on it.If the one you changed does not this may be the reason why you still have the problem.

There are also 4 other speed sensors which are actually the ABS sensors,one on each hub but these are not the cause of your problem

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have you checked the wiring to the sensor?

I don't know if this would work but if you have a battery drill gently attach the gear of the speed sensor to the drill chuck,turn on the ignition then slowly turn the gear with the drill,get some one to see if the speedometer needle moves.

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