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94 Es 300


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i have an 94 es 300,yesterday applying the brakes would cause the radio and ac to shut off for 2 to 3 seconds and the doors locked.happened 2 to 3 times then the car power to starter from ignition but everything else works,lights,radio,locks,windows,etc battery seems the a brake switch or relay that controlls the starter thru the key that is bad? thx for any help out there dave

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Hey Dave...welcome to LOC! :cheers:

Not sure about your problems...sounds like a short...maybe. Maybe check all of your battery cables? By the way I did remove the other post...we try not to allow duplicate post here. Thanks...and someone else will chime in here! :cheers:

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Bit confusing. One initially would suspect the brake switch as braking started shutting off your radio, but...

I took a brief look at schematics in my Haynes. Can't find the brake switch, but what seems to be sticking out like a sore thumb is the ign switch which could cause probs w/ radio, lights, and starter.

I agree, check all cables, you may even want to try kicking the starter w/ cables if you can get to it easily, direct from the battery, if that works, that suggests ign switch is bad.

When I bought my '94, the prior owner gave me all service records, and I was surprised to see replacement for the ign switch.


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