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Clock Adjustment - Japanese Dash

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Hi All

I got myself a 2007 Lexus RX400H with Japanese dash/navigation. I figured out how to set the time on the clock and thought of sharing with others.

1. Press the clock button above the clock and next to hazard light on dash

2. The display will list items on Jap

3. Note GPS, and HH:MM:00 on screen

4. Remove GPS time sync by touching the GPS (If not it will go back and reset to Japan time via GPS time each time you start)

5. set the time by pressing HH, MM separately

6. Press the clock button once done.

Now I am looking at ways to load the English version of display instead of learning Jap for other functions.

If someone knows the details I am interested to know.



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I live in Sri lanka and we are RHD. Since I love the vehicle I got one from Japan. I used a 1 gen model and upgraded to Hybrid recently. The dash is almost English except the touch screen info. I am sure this has a English conversion SW upgrade since it is the same vehicle sold in England and USA. if there is any info on this please pass over. Thank you.

Where are you located? Does your dash have Japanese lettering on all of the buttons too? Is the car RHD or LHD?

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Is the font on the center console buttons (for the radio and climate control) written in English or Japanese?

How about for the gauge cluster (speedometer, power meter, fuel and temp gauges)?

And is the speedometer and tachometer in "miles per hour" or "kilometers per hour"? In your current location of Sri Lanka, do most car speedometer's read in mph or kph?

As for the navigation "language", word around town is that the language can't be changed even if you get an English disc... However i can't seem to confirm this ANYWHERE online. Do you happen to have any Lexus/Toyota dealers in your area? If so, they might be able to tell you if it's possible. If not, they could easily replace the disc with an English one and see if the navigation language changed.

My guess is if the center console (radio and climate control) has English writing on it, replacing the navigation disc with an English one might be enough to switch the language. But if it has Japanese writing on it, it might be more difficult.

The question is whether the language info is stored in the module that the nav disc goes into, or in the center console itself, or if it's not stored anywhere in the car, but that it chooses the language based off of the nav disc.

Can you post pictures of your Rx's instruments?

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