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Just Picked Up A '00 Sc3


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Hello everyone! My name is Matt from Mineral Springs North Carolina and I just picked up my first Lexus, a 2000 SC300. It was a one owner car that was traded in locally at Hendrick Lexus of Charlotte. I've already been on ClubLexus and was warmly welcomed there however, I apologize if I'm causing any mutual members to read this twice. But I wanted to introduce myself here to this community as well because my goal is to educate myself on these cars and learn as much about the Lexus as I did my last 2 BMW E46's. I've been a BMW owner/enthusiast for the past 10 years or so and so far the switch from the "Ultimate Driving Machine" to the "Pursuit of Perfection" has been a good one! I'm really excited about owning this car! I'm even more excited about the unparalleled reliability and quality of a Toyota product. So here are some pics of the new baby, hope you enjoy! So far the only mods I've done were tint the windows and I put on a set of wheels that I had in storage that used to be on my MR2. Haven't decided completely on what kind of suspension setup I want to do. I would like a mild drop, maintaining good ride quality, and nothing too excessive that I will have to worry about rubbing issues. I don't know if I will do anything else other than that. Probably leave it mostly stock since it is nearly Pristine. I did order a set of HID's to make it a little more safer for night time driving. Oh and a nice set of eBay Altezza tail lights are on the way! JUST KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






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