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Cruise Control Button Not Lighted?


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I am learning all the new buttons and features of my 2011 RX350. At night it is difficult to use the cruise control because the button under the steering wheel is not lighted. Are all RX's and/or Lexus' this way?

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None of the lexus models have the cruise control stalk illuminated. :(

I did however add glow-in-the-dark paint to the lettering on mine, and coated the entire thing with soft-touch paint! if the car sits in the sun during the day the stalk will be illuminated throughout the night. Doesn't help much but it's better than it was.

Since the stalks work the same (directions etc) for all 1990-2011 Lexus' and Totota's, i've just learned how to use it in the dark. <_<

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Very easy to operate without it being illuminated. Button on the tip turns it on, push down for set, up for resume, pull back to cancel.

And after the speed is set, "up" to increase speed and "down" to decrease speed. Each quick "up" or "down" tap of the lever changes the speed in approximately 1 mph increments. The Toyota cruise control system design has to be most intuitive and easiest to use cruise control system I've ever experienced.

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