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After I Change Timing Belt... Rough And Very Low Idle


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After i change timing belt... rough and very low idle...

If i ues pedal i can idle up.. but feels no power... somewhat rough sound.

While i change timing belt,while the timing belt was off, a camshift turn by itself and some hitting sound was there and i turn camshift a full rotation to get the right position....

Did i bent the velves and that can this make that symthoms?

symthoms just like bad trotle position sensor.... but i did not touch on that side...

please help...

forgive me on bad spelling...

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I would say without a doubt, the timing belt is off and needs to be retimed. It is common for the camshaft to turn when the timing belt is off, because a cam lobe will be on high center and it easily wants to slip off of high center because of the cam lobe. I have had it happen many times and though they say never to turn it backwards (I think because of the VVT). I have turned it backwards many times to get the belt on the right teeth of the gears, and never had any problem. I would suggest pulling it back apart and VERY CAREFULLY following the directions from a factory manual to make SURE it is in proper order this time. If it still continues to run poorly, you'll need to do a compression check to determine if there are bent valves. You probably can tell by the way it turns over (pull the fuel pump fuse) once it's timed (belt) correctly. If the valves aren't bent, it should turn over evenly on ALL cylinders. If it "rolls over" on one or more cylinders, you probably have bent valves.

Remember that the engine is on a slant back towards the firewall. The timing marks are not on top, but should be on top of the "V", which means slanted back towards the firewall. Good Luck! Also remember that once the timing is "out oF whack", it may not be a simple as lining all the marks up. I may require removal of #1 spark plug to get it on TDC on compression stroke. You'll need to follow the manual to the letter.

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