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Ls400 Makes Short Buzzer Sound When I Turn Ignation Key


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Hi All,

I have 1992 Lexus LS 400. Couple of days ago I was in parking lot and trying to park the car (less than 5 mile/hour speed) and all of the sudden car turned off. It felt like battery connection was lost. I crank it up again and it started. I parked my car and everything was fine. In the evening I again started my car and came home. At this point car started sounding 2 seconds buzzer before I start the care and after car is started.

Next morning, when I tried to start my car it did not start. It almost felt like battery was down. I jump started it with my wife's car and it was started. When it started again, I turned it off just to make sure it starts again. Unfortunately it did not start again. So I though it might be battery issue. I left the car there and decided to buy new battery.

Next morning, before buying new battery, I tried to start my car again and it started. I drove it around for couple of miles and everything looks OK. Only issue is the buzzer sound, Ever since my car stop running in my office parking lot, I hear this short 2 second buzzer sound as soon as I turn my car key, It sounds for 2 second before I crank it up. Than once I start the car, buzzer sounds for another 2 seconds. It almost feels like it is coming from hidden speaker somewhere. It is louder than regular sound.

I don't know what is wrong with the car. This is really old car with 185k mile on it. At this point I don't know if it is worth to take it to dealer and spend lots of money.

I would appreciate any help and any workaround to fix this issue.

Thanks a lot.


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put your seat belt on before starting the car, could be the seat belt buzzer.

I wish that was the case. This buzze sound is really loud and it is not seat belt warning. Looks like warning for something else.


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Did you ever buy the new battery? I think you are on the right track. At first I thought it might be your fuel pump acting up, but the buzzing is probably the starter relay chattering due to a battery that is on it way out. The residual buzzing for 2 seconds after you release the key is puzzling to me and does not fit. I would recommend that you take the car to Autozone (or equivalent) and have then load test the battery and test the charging system. Its free.

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