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No Overdrive

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I thought I'd be able to get overdrive to work once I was able to replace the knock sensors (see prior posts) but now it's all back together and still no overdrive -- I THINK. No codes, no od off light. Runs about 3500 rpm at 65 mph.

So, is this normal overdrive? I would think it'd drop down to at least the 2500 rpm range above 60. But never having had a lexus or camry before, I don't really know how it should behave. I've not been able to find a description of rpms at given mph either in or out of this site. 94, 1mzfe

Let me know what kind of rpms you guys get at 65 mph.


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3500 rpm is "screaming" at 65 mph. I'll check our 98 Camry later today but I think its engine runs at something like 2600 rpm in O/D (4th gear) at 65 mph. Does your overdrive switch have any effect when you click it on and off?

Edit: I checked today and our 98 Camry V6 engine runs at a little less than 2400 rpm at 65 mph in 4th/OD gear. I don't know if its gear and final drive ratios are the same as in the 92 ES but I know they are the same as in the 98 ES.

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Thanks. That seems to be a more normal rpm for 65 mph. I think there's a slight difference w/ od off, seems the shifting is a bit more agressive, but no dif in rpms at 65.

Today it threw a p0402 code, excessive egr. Manuals indicate no impact on od (but does explain the hunting idle...)

In trying to research, seems that the lack of od could be caused by major tranny probs, or perhaps a bad solenoid valve. Currently trying to figure out how to trouble shoot the absent od.


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