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Best Way To Sell A 92 Sc300


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I live in New Jersey and I have inherited a 92 SC300 (from my mom) with about 114,000 miles on it. It was until recently always garaged and never driven in the snow and rain. It has some minor damage to the hood (where my sister and law bumped it with her SUV) but no rust, and in generally very good condition (timing belt replaced, new clutch, etc.) It is never used and just sits in my driveway. A local contractor who was doing work for a neighbor offered me $500 which I probably will just take, but I figured I would post the question on this site first, in the hopes that I could find someone who actually wanted the car. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

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Do not sell the Sc300 for $500 bucks, post on a car site like Auto Trader. A manual/Sc300 with 114,000 miles is rare, you could get offers between $1,000 to $3,000 considering the condition of the car. Post some pictures of the outside/inside of the car. I would like to see the condition of the Sc.

KBB price:|true|426993|true&mileage=114000

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Thanks for this response, I will try to post some pictures. The car is dark green metallic with a tan interior. It drive GREAT, but needs some work - the center plastic air vent is cracked (I am assuming from the AC as the car gets hot in the sun), the headlight housing gets moisture in it and is yellowed, the antenna is "stuck" in the down mode, and the driver's seat is getting worn on the door side.

More importantly, are there sites you would you recommend beside autotrader - ebay or craigslist? I have never sold a used car, I have just traded them in, so I am really going blind here. Is autotrader trustworthy? If I could get $1,000 -$3,000 it would be great, obviously...

And thanks again, I really appreciate it!

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All (small) common problems with the Sc model. I have crack vents as well and it's from the wood trim expanding/contracting around the plastic from hot to cold and is not worth replacing, it's involved to replace and will just happen again with new installed vents. This site has a history about all the common problems with the Sc300/400

Craiglist/ebay ok...The best site would be ClubLexus Classifieds

The only problem is that they have strict rules, need a large number of posts (300to500) and vouchers when selling high priced items on site.

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