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Stereo Conections

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Hello all.

I am new to Lexus cars and this site but i have a question i think you guys may be able to answer from your experience.

I have a 93 sc400.

My cd head unit is a pioneer (i guess because it does not say Nakamichi) and amp.

I would like to know if the wiring harness is the same for the 2 diff. makers stereos. In other words, can i swap a pioneer out and put a nakamichi in with no wiring changes?

If i did the change/ upgrade, could the amp unit also be done the same way?

Thanks in advance

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It's all or nothing. If you already have the CD changer, all the plugs are the same, but you must replace the Nak head unit and amp and subwoofer or else it won't work. CD changer is the same and the other speakers are the same and will work... although if you go to the trouble of swapping out to the Nak, do yourself a favor and swap the speakers, too.

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