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Dash Lights


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I have a 92 LS 400 w/ 70k. My trac light goes on after driving a few miles and stays on till started again. Also my oil light(little canister icon) comes on every now and then. It seems to come on when the engine jerks(stopping cruise control I noticed today). It does go off after a short time. The oils is ok(the stick reads full). Could it be some kind of sensor on both oil and trac. And if so where is it and can I replace it myself.

Once again thank you all for your help with my issues.


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If you read the codes for the traction control the chances are it will be this one

19 - TRAC motor ON and OFF operation is higher than a predetermined number of times (accumulator pressure leakage)

The accumulator has lost it's pressure.We have a guy in the UK working on rebuilding these with new seals and then repressurising,not sure if there is any one in the US at present

This is the device located under a cover at the back of the engine bay.


As for the oil warning light,it could be the oil pressure sender unit if the oil level is correct or indeed low oil pressure,the only way to confirm the oil pressure is to hook up a gauge.

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